I like reading books but not that much the book I like reading is dork diaries, dramaqueen this book is about Mackenzie has stone nikki’s diary. Nikki is worried because her sister MacKenzie might tell everybody nikki’s secret thoughts?! I have enjoyed reading this book.  Enjoy your day. Pink flower Hi Error via Compfight

School Concert

On Wednesday the 7th was our school concert and it was called ”All Aboard” and I loved it!

The songs  my class  and I did were Waka Waka/La La La, We Are One. The place we had our concert was the Besen Center. My mum and dad and my grandparents came to watch the concert and my mum said she liked the ‘Waka Waka ‘  dances and my dad and grandparents said they liked the “la la la, we are one’. I liked the la la la, we are one  because we got to dance with the flag’s  and I got to hold the Indian flag.

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I hope everyone has a great holiday and they enjoy it and I hope I have a great birthday in the holiday’s and have a great holidays

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The food line was great and it was for the saint Vincent De Paul.

Green won because green had the longest food line out of gold and blue and red

and gold came 2th.

The kids were yelling and I would hardly hear any thing and one of the man came to our school and his name is Gill. Gill came to our mass on Friday.



Happy Face


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100 Word Challenge

Talia woke up and went for a walk. As Talia walked she saw her friends Jasmine, Shenalie and Bianka. Talia’s friends called Talia asking her to come with them. Then Talia and her friends went to her house. When they go to her home they played games like snakes and ladders. It was fun.

When it was time for Talia’s friends to go home, as they turned the corner, they saw a big shadow. They didn’t know what it was. They all ran and they stopped and looked back and saw Olivia. They said to Olivia. OLIVIA YOU SCARED US!


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My New Goals

Every Friday we do a Time Tables check .

I need to improve in my tables this week I am doing my 7

time tables and my home work.

I am doing very well in my Hand Writing but I can do it much better.




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Cross country

In cross country all the 3 to 6s do cross country.

I like cross country  but not that much .

we have to run around the school.




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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my awesome blog I really hope you like Remember to

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Have a good day and goodbye 🙂

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